Printing for the #Resistance

Like many of you, I've been through an emotional roller coaster following the 2016 election. I was fired up to join the Women's March on January 21, 2017, and spent the day before in the printshop, releasing my energy into setting type and printing posters for the march.

The march organizers followed up with a campaign of 10 Actions in 100 Days, encouraging those of us energized by the march to continue by putting our voices into action. The first was to write to our senators and let them know our concerns, and I decided to print some extra special postcards that will hopefully catch the attention of our NC senators. I've made them available in my shop here.

This was my first time participating in a march, and the first time I've become actively political, beyond complaining and retweeting. I'm so proud of being a part of this movement, and plan on staying active as long as the fire continues to burn. At the same time, all of this has worn me out and I'm feeling the need to shut off the news, bury my nose in a good book, and get back to my work. Hopefully I'll find a good balance in the coming months.

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