Two poetry broadsides in two months

My days are all tied up with taking care of a sweet little guy, but I've managed to wrangle a little time to print two new broadsides in the past two months. I haven't yet posted them in my shop, but they should be up by end of the month. It's been so nice to take some time to print poetry broadsides, something that I love to do but don't usually find the time for. These were two projects intriguing enough for me not to say no! 

"Stag" by Gabrielle Calvocoressi was printed in February for a Vandercooked Poetry Night at Asheville Bookworks. Printed from linoleum blocks and hand set metal type, 11x17.

"Lessons in diving and thirst" was printed in March in celebration of the first publication by Orison Books, I Scrape the Window of Nothingness by Stella Radulescu. Printed from linoleum blocks and polymer plate with hand coloring, 9x12.

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