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Contemporary art, traditional tools

I'm a printmaker and book artist with a practice that revolves around narrative relief prints, wood engravings, letterpress printing, and crankies. In my work, I explore themes of looking for safety, finding courage, and the folly of blind naiveté. I draw inspiration from the nature I see in my backyard, folk tales, ghost stories, and children’s books. I look for the intersections between story and truth. I read between the lines to find the quiet parts left unspoken. I think about the owls and crows that share the same tree but see the earth below differently. I’m always looking for the light.

Some lovely things said about my work:

"There was both a somber honesty and an unsullied optimism that damn near brought me to tears."

"It's the good dream you want to remember."

"It's what you'd get if Beatrix Potter crashed into Edward Gorey."

"You works reflects a highly refined sense of absurdity."

"I'm not usually a profound person, but I look at your work and think 'that's profound'."

"This reminds me of Charlie Brown."