I was an invited guest speaker at Creative Mornings Asheville on June 30, 2023. The topic was Reverie:


I gave a talk for the Downtown Asheville Arts District first online arts festival (DAADFest) on May 24, 2020. Unfortunately, the original recording had some technical issues so I re-recorded it here:



Letterpress Digest: A Podcast About Letterpress interviewed me for their very first episode!

Episode 001//Jessica White. Hear how Jessica White, co-founder of Ladies of Letterpress, snuck in her university studio at midnight to print letterpress for the first time. She also talks about her first press, learning to print, and flying planes.



A documentary about women letterpress printers, by Hannah Berman for Warren Wilson College:

Her Place in Print from Warren Wilson Docs on Vimeo.



I gave a talk about the Ladies of Letterpress and my own work at the Strand Bookstore in New York City in April, 2015:



My interview with Susan Mills for the podcast Bookbinding Now, where I talked about my work and my recently published book Letterpress Now: Bookbinding Now: Jessica C. White



Here is a video of The Bad Sparrow Crankie in action and set to music (apologies for a very poorly made video - a better one is in the works):


Here is a short video of me setting type for the "Elephant's Rope" print:

Here is a close up of the Challenge Press (Sweet Pea) in action, printing the text for Quimby's 15 Rules for Life:


Followed by the printing of the image here. Text and image blocks are often printed separately because they have different requirements for roller height, printing pressure, and amount of ink.