After making The Bad Sparrow crankie, I told Scott "it's the best thing I've ever made!" Needless to say, that was before Milo came along, but I still get so excited about making scrolls that can be cranked through a little box. I've been tinkering around with designs for how to make smaller, hand-held, personal crankies and I've come up with these sweet little 4" x 5" things. The images are digital prints of my drawings which are about 2 feet high by 6 feet long, so this method makes those giant drawings more accessible too. 

I've been waiting until these are actually available at my online shop to post about them, but it's starting to feel like that'll never happen! The good thing is, I've been selling them as fast as I can make them, and the only two available right now are at Horse + Hero in downtown Asheville. Go on down and get your hands on one - they're fun to play with! More are in the works and should be available this fall. (Wouldn't one of these make a great Christmas gift? Yes, I'm actually talking about Christmas in August, sorry.)

Many thanks to Robert Batey for the awesome gifs.

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