Over Yonder Press - a new(ish) venture

I've recently set up a small satellite print studio outside of my home studio, called Over Yonder Press. This is a press name I alighted on about a year ago, when I took a look at recent work I've been making and the ones that are currently in the works. I realized that they are all about place; the places I've been, the place where I am now, and the places I'm going. I like this term because my grandmother, Mema, used to use it often, whether something was "over yonder" in the kitchen or "over yonder" the next town over. I imagine if she were here today, she'd ask what I've been up to "over yonder" in the mountains of western NC. 

I'm using this imprint for books and crankie projects, but also anything printed at this satellite print shop, located in Citizen Vinyl, a record pressing factory and recording studio established in the former Asheville Citizen Times building. This is my new adventure as I leave behind 10 years of academic life and return to building a life as a maker again. 

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