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Jessica C. White

Wonder Cabinet #3

Wonder Cabinet #3

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Lately I've been working small because that's all my time will allow. I've been thinking about the special little things we collect as we move through our everyday lives, like a feather picked up on a nice walk, or baby teeth shed by our little ones. And how it's not the actual things we want to keep but a moment in time that we can always return to when we see these collections.

And then I realized that through print, I can collect so much more that I can't in real life, like a dandelion in perpetual bloom, fireflies, or even the full moon. This is an ongoing series that I'll keep adding to and changing with each collection.

This is a limited edition print of relief engravings carved from Corian. Each print is hand pulled from a printing press in my studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, NC.

The print is 6"x6", printed on Mohawk Superfine paper. This is an edition of 60 prints; each print is numbered and signed. Ships flat, unframed, in a protective sleeve.

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